Sunday, June 21, 2009

more screwing around

So what follows are some photos of me continuing to not get started on the bike, but instead to do other peripheral stuff. Building a primitive work platform out of old shipping palettes.

This is more than worth it: I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a lift table, but it would kill my back and my knees if I had to go through this whole thing with it on the floor. I'm going to have a 21 pound (and growing) baby strapped to my back most of the time as well.

So now what I ought to do is clean off what grease and grime is left on the bike and then get to work dismantling it and cataloging all the parts. I could take a couple more close up photos of how the wiring is routed, although I'm sure that more than half of the wiring on it now is jury rigged.

One reason I hesitate is the chaotic state of my garage. The right thing to do is to spend at least another full day sorting all the sundry nonsense stuffed into the garage and move as much as I can out of there, into the basement of the house or the rafters above the garage. And probably build at least one storage shelf in the garage so that I can neatly store and label all the parts I remove.

I don't relish this chore, mostly because I don't have a clear idea what to do with all that stuff, and I don't know if I'll be able to decide where to put it. I could easily get sidetracked dealing with some of that stuff and not get to work on the bike for two more weeks. That's an argument to simply get started on the Bronco and work out the details of what to do with the parts as I go.

While you mull that over, read my Motorcycle training article. I got it on Wikipedia's main page in the Did you know box. When I'm not working on the Bronco, I'm going to be writing a Wikipedia article on the Guggenheim Museum's 1998 The Art of the Motorcycle exhibition.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

at last

So I finally finished this high chair I was making.

Why that matters is that we needed the high chair and it was taking forever. I couldn't really spend any time on the motorcycle until I got that taken care of.

So! I did do a compression test on the Bronco and got 20 psi dry and 25 wet. I haven't actually researched what those numbers mean to me on this particular engine. But it's something to compare to when I'm done.

I would have worked on it today but I haven't started my other bike for three weeks and so I took a ride to Snoqualmie Falls.

So that's out of the way, for now. Going to get to work real soon. Stay tuned.