Monday, March 23, 2009

not sure how high to go on this

I can't find prices for all those bits, but they seem to add up to around $125, except for the exhaust. It could be worth $100 to $300. At least that's what headers for other Ducati singles can cost, but I'm not certain if there are any for the Bronco to be had. None of these are parts I'm certain I need, although I'm pretty confident that my rings, valve guides, clutch springs and so on are not as young as they once were.

It's interesting that the triple clamp seems to be painted the same blue color somebody sprayed all over my bike at some point. Maybe the forest service or somebody like that was using these bikes for utility work at some point and painted them all blue. I don't know how I'd find out but I'd at least like to be sure if it is the same paint.

1 comment:

  1. I quit bidding at $185. If I had been positive that the exhaust and brake shoes would work I might have gone higher, although I don't think the header was even stainless.

    I should focus on making it start and run, without worrying about replacing the rusty header and things like that.