Monday, March 16, 2009


This is a Benelini Wards muffler, not specifically for a Ducati Bronco. The original has a nearly identical inscription except it says "MOTO DUCATI" down below the "Brevetti Interfon-Special Silentium" logo. This was much cheaper than the Ducati one, and I'm not going for that level of perfection.

As long as it works. *fingers crossed.*

I have to finish other projects before starting any actual work, but I did put one of the Dell'Orto carb air cleaners on the buffing wheel yesterday and it polished up real nice. I've also been spraying WD40 around the rusty exhaust nut and letting it soak in for days, as Mick Walker recommends in his Ducati Singles Restoration book. The special exhaust nut tool should be here soon and then we can see if I can break it free without drama.


  1. Dave greencannoe@yahoo.comDecember 12, 2009 at 12:57 PM

    Well hey Man

    I make a note to you. You are a little bit older than I was when I got my machine (same as yours) I rode it fast and I rode it hard and it took up most of my time from age 13 to 15. My first advice to you is to locate engine specs for tunning. I couldn't find them in 1971and never did. This includes poing gap and timming brfore TDC, also tappet clearence and exact spark plug. Find correct flywheel puller made for that machine. You will need it for sure. When you attach flywheel to crank put it on the shaft clean and tight....the flywheel will disingage and break key (woodruff)if you don't and the key seat will be dammaged I promise. You will lose timming reference for ignition. If carb slide it loose in carb body consider new carb. Good luck...if you write back make sure you put ducati bronco in subject space for a reply. Dave