Friday, March 20, 2009

exhaust nut success

I just got this Ducati singles exhaust nut wrench, and it worked like a charm. I was worried that I should have chosen the other type, cut out of a single flat pieces of stock rather than this two piece version. But no worries.

I also added WD40 around the nut repeatedly over several days, allowing it to soak in. The nut looked very rusty and seemed like it would be totally seized, but not the case. Turned very easily.

This headlight bucket looks like it isn't quite the right part. That's $4.99 I probably shouldn't have spent. But maybe I'll have it powder coated along with the other bits and resell it.

Here's the polished air cleaner next to one of the ones I didn't do. This sort of make you think the bike could look really nice some day.

I got email back from Buchanan Spokes, about my questions as to what to do with my wheels. They said I probably won't find rims 2.75" x 16" so I should have the originals re-chromed and buy a set of spokes. Hopefully I can learn how to build my own wheels, after a few tries. Maybe I can find an expert to inspect my work before I attempt a ride.

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